Customer Benefits

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Enjoy complete solutions
Honeywell cares about your whole application and is able to deliver complete, proven solutions, for heating, ventilating, air conditioning, whatever your need may be. We are also pleased to provide specific applications, such as VAV box control.

Our comprehensive portfolio of actuators, valves, sensors, controllers and centrals, already proven in more than 3 million buildings worldwide, works seemlessly together.

This not only yields benefits in terms of planning and installation, it also assures trouble-free operation. This provides the best possible integration of product, application and system. Thereby providing a robust platform for optimized maintenance and a single contact for technical support.
Whether you are planning a new project or upgrading an existing installation, SmartAct is a marvellous opportunity to benefit from the smart generation of direct-coupled actuators while at the same time enjoying the benefits of working with a complete solution provider.

Install and forget
The last thing you want to be confronted with is trouble after the installation. Our high-quality manufacturing approach and the consistent, customer-driven SmartAct concept make faulty installations almost impossible.

Pre-wired connection, self-centering shaft adapter, freely selectable mounting position, rotation direction switch and many more - SmartAct makes life much easier for everyone. Consequently, you and your customers will enjoy higher reliability and an extended product life.
SmartAct world wide
Honeywell satisfies your needs wherever you are and whatever they are. SmartAct covers VAV to fire and smoke damper actuation, spring return, non spring return, modulating, floating, on/off.

Furthermore, SmartAct provides a complete damper actuator replacement for installed products in any application.

Demand more than actuation
What is very beneficial to consultants is essential to system integrators – having a partner that can offer the whole portfolio of solutions needed to run a building.
From room and zone to plant control. From heating, ventilating and air conditioning to lighting and sunblind control. From a single device to a complete building management system.

Your requests guide our responses
Honeywell SmartAct is the answer to your damper actuation needs by providing the best price/quality ratio. The combination of SmartAct technical characteristics with the reliability and technical support that we provide, is unique.
... from the comprehensive set of time-saving installation features, such as the self-centering shaft adapter, the pre-wired and detachable wiring box, the free mounting position, the rotation direction switch ...and many more.

They all add up to a new way of installing direct-coupled actuators: just smarter, easier, and faster.

Get value-for-money
SmartAct is 'Made in Germany'. Designed and manufactured in Honeywell's highly renowned Home and Building Control headquarter near Stuttgart (Gemany’s 'Factory of the Year 97' and winner of the German industry top quality award 'Ludwig-Erhard-Preis'). The built-in features and the high-quality manufacturing processes increase reliability and extend product life, thereby bringing top quality to your installation. The price per feature set is outstanding. Furthermore, two years warranty is given to all SmartAct devices.

On-time... the delivery of your product, based on our modern European logistics concept. Every SmartAct device, and other Honeywell products, is delivered to your door when you need it, where you need it.

All you need
Designed for new construction and retrofit markets, the new SmartAct generation meets any installation need, whether spring or non spring return, floating, on/off or modulating control.

A set of smart accessories allows you to cover the same amount of applications with far less actuator types, offering you a unique chance to reduce the number of devices you have to handle. Put a SmartAct in your work pack and you will be sure to satisfy any application need, even in replacement and upgrading jobs.
Go for a complete solution provider
Customers using other supplier’s products in their own offering appreciate if they can rely on a single supplier for their application. This is one of the the big benefits when working together with Honeywell. We do not only supply direct-coupled actuators. We are able and experienced to offer a complete solution, consisting of actuators, valves, sensors and controllers. This can extend even integrating the application into an overall building management system monitored by a central. If you need a complete solution provider – Honeywell is the answer.

Ask for 'your' solution
SmartAct is designed as a universal platform that can easily be customized to cover very specific OEM needs. Wiring, labelling, cabling, switches, preset configurations, accessories – our sourcing locations will exactly produce 'your solution'. Manufactured in the numbers you need, delivered to the place you request at exactly the time you specify.

Reduce your efforts
SmartAct is designed to optimize installation. Pre-wired connections, an integrated wiring box, the self-centring shaft adapter and many more features will help you further reducing your manufacturing cost.
Reduce your inventory
Distributors, as any other party keeping building control products in stock, are facing an ever-growing need to optimize their cash flow by minimizing inventory. SmartAct is an excellent option to achieve this objective. Its smart concept allows to cover all application needs your customers may have, but with fewer devices!
Make live easier for you
With our complete portfolio for all building control needs we are the ideal partner for any distributor. A single administration contact, one support address for all needs, a system approach that perfectly integrates all Honeywell devices and is open for 3 rd party products, delivery-on-time logistics, training support if needed, professional marketing to exploit potential markets for you and your customers – the list of factors that make your business more successful with Honeywell could be even further extended.