Complete Solutions
Building automation involves extensive application know-how and a vast array of potential products that fit into the overall system. Good to know that there are smart solutions that facilitate planning, installation and maintenance.

Actuators, valves, sensors, controllers, centrals – whatever you need: Honeywell is your complete solution provider.
Air Handling Unit
From damper actuators (N20010) to valves (V5013R) to valve actuators (ML7420) to sensors (LF20) to controllers (Excel 50) - Honeywell controls the whole application.
Heat Pump
Heat Pump applications - reliable operation thanks to Honeywell damper actuators (N20010), sensors (LF20) and controllers (Excel 50).
Return & Supply Air
The SmartAct portfolio makes your return and supply air installation a state-of-the-art project, featuring non spring return (N20230) or spring return (ML4195) direct-coupled actuators.
Variable Air Volume
A Honeywell damper actuator (ML6161) and a room controller (W7751) offer reliable VAV control, based on LONWORKS® technology.